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This will be the HighLow L purchase page.


Updated April 24th※


① April transaction history posted

②New benefits


◆Major Updates Completed◆

①MODE2 added

②New knowhow added (backtests posted)



This, like XY Highlow, is automated trading software specialized for using HighLow Australia.

I recommend looking at the long-term.


Though a large amount of result data is posted here,

use of this data for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.


・I want to manage my own money, but I have no experience doing so.

→ Entry is simple, even without any prior knowledge!


・After multiple failed attempts to manage my funds, 

I’ve lost a lot of money on desperate entries.

→ Only a fixed set of transactions are possible, ensuring complete control of funds.


・I want to invest as I see fit, but my day job doesn’t afford me the time.

However, I can’t quit my job, because I would lose my only source of steady income.

→ Entries can be added even while your account is left alone,

making it suitable for building towards a steady income.


・I run my own business,

and want to diversify my portfolio.

→ The gradual, long-term growth is perfect

for a long-term portfolio.


Entries work as follows:

The automated software creates entries automatically.

The sample video is based on XY (we currently use L).

If any of the above applied to you,

you’ve got nothing to lose just by listening.

First, watch the video below.



This is not an investment system, but a signal assistance software.

The video above has everything you need to know, 

including price, product descriptions, and usage instructions.

Please be sure to watch it before making any orders.




Backtest Results HIGHLOW-XY = Stable Profits!Take a look at the results

※1/1/2013 – 1/10/2018 5 year results※


※Major changes in early March※

I will extend the backtest period and post the results.


Graphs from BO analyzer follow below.

Approximate average daily entries: 8 per day

Expected monthly profits (¥5,000 BET): ¥76,148

※Does not include bonuses※

Longest win streak: 14 wins

Longest loss streak: 7 losses

Break-even win ratio: 52.91%


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※L MODE2 backtest results※


※What’s MODE2?

MODE2 results in slightly fewer entries than MODE1,

but bases entries on stronger decision criteria. The emphasis is on a higher win ratio.


If you have a lower tolerance for losses,

this is recommended as a safer option.


Approximate average daily entries: 7.1 per day

Average monthly win ratio: 57.84%

Expected monthly profits (¥5,000 BET): ¥70,500


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◆Backtest results based on new know-how◆


Expected values when combined with MODE1


Approximate average daily entries: 11 per day

Expected monthly profits (¥5,000 BET): ¥131,238

※Does not include bonuses※

Longest win streak: 20 wins

Longest loss streak: 7 losses

Break-even win ratio: 52.91%

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※Forward results can be found here※  

※Monthly profit※

48 wins / 31 losses (79 total)

Win ratio: 60.75%

(Break-even win ratio: 52.19%)

 ¥5,000 BET yields

¥63,400 profit.

※Does not include bonuses※



※Results from February 19 – March 14※










※1 month total results※

41 wins / 30 losses (71 total)

Win ratio: 57.74%


(Break-even win ratio: 52.91%)

¥5,000 BET yields

¥32,450 profit

(Does not include bonuses)



※April 1st – Actual application results※

Starting in April, I’ll upload the full month’s results.

※1 This is using MODE2.



19 wins / 10 losses (29 total)

Win ratio: 65.51%

(Break-even win ratio: 52.91%)

Current profit: ¥34,550

(Yield from a ¥5,000 BET)

※Does not include bonuses※


Hello. This is Yuu.


Sales of XY have now ended, and L has been released.

Many people wrote me to express their gratitude for XY.




One of the problems with HighLow is that there’s a limit to the number of people with the same know-how that can be added.

I’ve decided that adding any more members will cause a multitude of issues.

Therefore, sales have been suspended.


 Based on my experience, I’ve been concerned that I may be found out,

or even wiped out, by HighLow Australia.

I don’t think doing some risk mitigation is a bad idea.


If, hypothetically, something like that happened,

then not only would customers suffer the consequences, 

but because my own company uses it, my profits would be affected, too.


In other words,

 Releasing automatic trading software this time

would be the wrong move for both my company and my customer’s

So, having considered all those risks,

I decided suspending sales of HighLowXY was the best course of action.


And yet… In spite of that, I can’t ignore that many of my customers still voiced

their desire to continue engaging in automatic trading…


And from that, HighLow L was born.


XY’s main trading interval was five minutes,

but the L system’s main interval is one hour.

Of course, that means decisions take an hour, too.



Previously, there were problems with contracts being rejected and entries not going through.

An update fixed those issues,


but with L, I was able to lower the contract rejection rate to less than 1%.

It’s no exaggeration to say that entry is all but guaranteed.


The most difficult part of creating

a binary option system

is the deviation between backtest and forward test results.


The binary system is made such that results will differ due to

rate differences and contracts being rejected.


In particular, HighLow Australia employs a unique rate

that doesn’t sync up with anything on MT4.


Due to this, there can be multiple times where a bet wins by a single pip, which skews the backtest results.

If there’s not a substantial amount of pips, there will be more draws and losses.

Shorter time periods just make things worse.


Going even further, the shorter the chart intervals, the more sensitive it is when picking up on price fluctuations.

Naturally, this increases the likelihood of a rejection.


My HighLow L system

uses hour intervals, eliminating any such fears.


And, because my system sees almost no rejections,

it’s hard to even cause any divergence with the backtest results.


Also, I believe this is probably the first trade system in the world of binary options that operates on an hour interval.

Since there’s no overlap with other traders,

I think it also sheds some light on entry points, too.


It’ll be a very powerful addition to your decision-making arsenal.

If I can brag a little, it’s actually a really great example of algorithmic trading.


At the same time, it’s thanks to my experience with XY

that I was able to create L.


The HighLowXY system

was originally what I used for my own company

and was never something I intended to sell. However…


One of my blog readers wrote me and said

“Please, sell this!”


That was the impetus for something that would eventually

make its way into the hands of over 1,200 people


Thanks to the experience of selling to, supporting, and providing updates to all those customers,

my own company’s automatic trading abilities improved,


and I got to a point of being able to successfully achieve hourly interval-based automatic trading.

And with that, my company’s trade profits saw exceptional gains, too.


Again, I owe it all to the customers.


My system was never one of those

“80%-90% win ratio! Let’s rake in the cash!”


types that promise instant results.


Rather, it’s about making steady gains from month to month.


Besides, I’ve never seen a backtested tool that produced 80%+ win rates

that didn’t use the Martingale method.

(That covers nearly every tool on the market today with backtest results.)


There are Martingale method systems that will produce over 80% win rates,

but only 55% of non-Martingale users see a profit.


People who get taken in by these seemingly magic numbers

tend to see huge losses.


On the surface, of course it seems like an 80% win rate

would result in greater profits than a 60% win rate.

Unfortunately, very few seem to understand that the former method has that much more risk associated with it.


But as I said before,

my company’s systems, including HighLow L

are much different…

My systems are about stable, steady growth. The focus is on the long-term.


Now, I talk about the long-term a lot, but the truth is

for all of 2015, 2016, and 2017,

I was never in the red even one month.


Also, my system doesn’t use indicators.


That means it’s possible

to make money with mine forever; without being affected by the current day and age.


You’ll never be like FX and say things like

“I’m up a million yen today!”


only to turn around and say


“The next day… I was down 5 million yen…”

You don’t want that.


Especially since with binary options, you can’t lose more money than what you put in.


Thinking about the risk vs. reward like that,

I personally think that automatically-traded binary options

are something everyone should have in their portfolio.


But, you have to look at it in the long term.


If you lose three days in a row and immediately start thinking “All of my investments keep losing!”

That’s a very unsuitable attitude to have in this world.


People who easily end up in that mindset aren’t cut out for any kind of investing, in my opinion.

This isn’t just my personal opinion, either.


Yesterday, a bit of news related to virtual currency caught my eye.


[Bitcoin Purchaser Sues Exchange] was the headline.


It continued:

“Since I bought Bitcoin,

the value has fallen every day and I lost a ton of money.

Since virtual currency shouldn’t have even been treated like real currency in the first place,

I demand compensation for my losses!!”


The person in the case above went to trial, using the above opinion as his main argument.




What’s your reaction when you hear about a story like that?





“What an IDIOT.”


That’d be the normal reaction.



But then again, what if you were in the same position?

What if that had been your money? A LOT of your money?


Think about it that way, and it’s not so far-fetched that someone might do such a thing.


Ultimately, it’s very difficult to survive as an investor if you let your emotions

control you during temporary moments of big gains or losses.


It’s critical for investors to steel themselves and remain focused

on the long-term.

(And also, to consider the risks versus rewards before deciding how much to invest.)


That was a long story, but the point is,

I learned a great deal from XY.


The results from our own environment


were completely different in other environments or would cause errors.

The results were scattered.

The seconds on the entries were different.


I made lots of discoveries.


Then, I used the results to make improvements to create the best system possible.


Putting it up for sale is what helped me level up

and succeed in developing an even better product.


To be perfectly frank,

I believe, from the bottom of my heart, that putting XY up for sale was the best choice I could’ve made.


I was blessed with lots of great companions, and together we made an automatic trading system

and gained interest in creating new profits.

It’s incredibly fun, investing with such a wonderful group of friends.


So now, I hope that through HighLow L

I can continue to network with lots of new people and make something great.

That’s what’s behind this release.


I hope lots of people use it,

enjoy investing, and end up with smiles on their faces.


And on top of that, maybe I can help make the world of investment a bit of a better place…

Haha! Yeah, right!


Like I said when I put XY up for sale,

I don’t care a bit if the world of investing changes or not.


In fact, I’d rather see everyone but me and my associates

lose, lose, and lose again.


Why? Because every yen, dollar, and pound they lose becomes mine and my associates’ profits (laughs).

If HighLow makes me money, it means more investment profits

and more discretionary spending for me, too.



But, I want to see the people who buy my product

raking it in, too. So, I’ll do whatever it takes

as much as it takes to make that happen.




should you decide to purchase

I look forward to a long and profitable relationship in the years to come.


I mean that. I want to share my knowledge with everyone who buys.

That isn’t limited to binary options, either. I cover cryptocurrency, too.


It may not be related to automatic trading,

but the purpose of automatic trading was to give people more time for learning to make better decisions.

It’s something that was created to make both a steady income and free time.


I truly believe that the experience and backtest knowledge I’ve acquired

will continue to be useful going forward.


And I’ll still publish videos discussing my thoughts, even for those who don’t purchase.

Hopefully you learn a little something and have fun investing anyways. ^_^



I think that once you’ve used everything

and seen your balance grow right before your eyes,

you’ll find a whole new world of enjoyment.


Below, I’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions sent in 

during XY’s use.



Read through the FAQs below at least once! ^_^


*Important! Please note the following when you apply!*

Be sure to use either a

Yahoo or Gmail

email address.

Any other domain will not reach me.

I know it might be a hassle, but if you don’t have a Yahoo or Gmail email address, please register a new account and get one.


*I’ve made a special, separate store page for purchasers of XY.

See the XY members-only site for details on purchasing L.


*This support takes time because there staff are only Japanese people here.*

Support is only available in Japanese.



For standard purchases, please apply here.

*The standard version caps at a ¥5,000 BET

*Each additional level unlocked adds ¥5,000, up to a maximum of ¥90,000.



*An additional fee will be charged for transfers from overseas bank accounts.

*An email will be sent out automatically after submitting your information. Be sure to check your inbox.

It’s possible that the confirmation email may be flagged as spam.

If you don’t receive the email, please be sure to check your spam folder.



*For the unlocked limit versions, you’ll receive a confirmation email after applying. Please check your inbox.

*The maximum amount can be unlocked in ¥5,000 increments, up to a maximum of ¥90,000.

*If you’d like to buy multiple copies with higher limits, please use the button below.



*Click the button above to buy 2 or more copies at once



*Take a look at what my customers are saying*

(I’ve gotten a ton of feedback. This is just a small fraction.)


This may be the most amazing customer of them all.

(If you think your results are even better, I want to hear from you!)




Although many users contacted me,

not of them were comfortable having their feedback posted. I’ve only posted the ones I was given permission to upload.

Since this is going to be a real LINE voice, I hope it helps! ^_^

And thank you everyone for your assistance!



Q&A (Make sure to read this section thoroughly)


Q,Does your system only use HighLow Australia?


A,Yes, it only works with HighLow Australia.

Therefore, you cannot set up an account with HighLow Australia.
Please be aware that the system is not available to those living in countries with no access to HighLow Australia.


Q,Are lump sum payments the only option?


A,Yes, I only accept lump sum payments.

However, if you purchase with a credit card, you can pay in monthly installments

of around ¥5,000 – ¥20,000. I’d recommend doing that if necessary.


Q,What credit cards to you accept?


A,I accept Visa, Mastercard, and JCB.
I recommend Visa and Mastercard.


Q,After paying, how long will it be until I can use the system?


A,Please give it 2 to 3 days.
The license shouldn’t take longer than 3 days to start working.


Q,Is this only for Windows PCs?


A,Yes. It only runs on Windows.
I recommend using Windows 10.


Q,Can I use this in a virtual desktop / virtual machine?


A,You can, but I don’t recommend it.
I believe it’s best to have a PC dedicated solely to your automatic trading.

You’ll want something with at least an Intel Core i3 and 4GB or more of memory.
Those specs will be enough to do everything you need.

An off-the-shelf PC from an electronics store will be more than enough.


Q,an I place discretionary entries while the automatic trading is in progress?


A,You can, but you’ll make your account a target for being frozen. Don’t do it.

While automatic trading is taking place,
do not log in from your smartphone or another PC.

If you want to log in on another device,
please stop your automatic trades first.

※*Again, I STRONGLY recommend getting a PC that will be dedicated SOLELY to automatic trades.


Q,I’m not good with computers. Am I going to be all right?


A,Absolutely! All you need to do is enter your email address
and click the mouse a few times. Anyone can do it.

And for those that are really, really bad with computers…
It works via remote control, too. Don’t stress.


Q,Does the system come with customer support?


A,Yes, it does. The license can be used in perpetuity, 

and the product will be supported for the entire time it is in use.


Q,With regards to unlocking higher limits, can I do that after my initial purchase?

And if I do, will the price be different?

A,Yes, you can unlock higher limits at any time.

The price will not change from the initial cost.


Q,Do you offer support over the phone?


A,As my company is located overseas, I do not offer phone support.

I can only communicate through email. Thank you for your understanding.


Q,I still haven’t gotten my confirmation email…


A,It’s likely the message was flagged as spam.
Make sure you check your spam folder.

If several days pass and you still haven’t been contacted,
you can request that the email be resent.



Q,After purchasing, will I get anything in the mail?



All communication regarding the system is done via email.

You’ll download the software from a special site.



Q,How fast can I expect to make money?


A,It depends on the currency pairs you trade.
But just as a rough estimate, if you leave all the settings on their default values,

¥5,000 BETs should make you somewhere between ¥60,000 – ¥120,000 per month.

You might see some red-hot months where you make ¥300,000.


Q,Will I lose money on some days?


A.Yes, you will.

It’s highly unlikely you’ll end up in the red month-over-month.

Even I can’t predict the future of the markets.

But, I made the system based on past data, and in the last 10 years, it hasn’t lost money.

As the videos and images above detail,
the system has extensive backtest results. Please refer to them.


Q,Can I really just leave my computer running and make money?


A.Yes! However, I recommend rebooting once a day.

Over time, computers get tired and start taking longer to respond.

Errors like entries failing, or ¥5,000 BETs becoming ¥1,000 BETs can happen.

Daily reboots are your best defense.


Q.In the forward test, you have ¥20,000 BETs,
but there are some ¥1,000 ones mixed in. Why is that?


A,It’s a pattern you see when there are sharp price moves
and the automatic trade input doesn’t make it in time.

It does happen, but it’s so rare, it’s not worth worrying about.

Additionally, sometimes very sharp price fluctuations will see an entry signed,
but it still doesn’t register (the contract is refused).

There’s a tendency to lose when prices are volatile, but there are many more scenarios where you get lucky.


Q,The tool only works with HighLow Australia, correct?
here’s a rumor that HighLow is going to withdraw from the Japanese market.
Is that actually possible?!


A,Yes, the tool is only for HighLow Australia.
The rumors that they’re going to withdraw from the Japanese market have been around since 2013.
Here it is now, February 2018, and nothing has changed.

See, I happen to be an affiliate of a separate project.
The affiliation is so large that, if the rumors were to come true,
it would definitely be announced to my affiliates in advance.

Also, I personally have someone in charge
whom I’ve consulted with. There is no such truth to the rumor.

If they do withdraw, I’ll give you my next automatic trading system free of charge.
(*I’ll need time to develop it first, of course.)


What’s the longest loss streak you’ve seen?


The longest I’ve seen is 7 losses in a row. The longest winning streak stands at 14.


Is there a way to use multiple accounts?


It’s one account per person.

But, for instance, you could make other accounts
by borrowing the names of family, friends, or significant others.

How you go about it is up to you, but just remember,
at the end of the day, you’re responsible for your accounts.


Q,Do you have a money-back guarantee?


A,No. Nor do I offer a cooling-off period.

With investments, in order to offer guarantees, you need certain qualifications.
If I offer a warranty without those qualifications, it’s considered illegal interest.

With Japanese law, there are also more downsides for customers
with repayment guarantees.

Therefore, I don’t offer them.

Frankly, if that’s what you’re thinking about when looking at my system,

I’m not going to sell it to you.

Ideally, I want to bring this to the people who need it.

Click or scan the QR code!

*You can also add me with my LINE@ ID.

NEET Trader Yuu’s automatic trading LINE@ ID:

→ @edq7048w

*Don’t forget the @ symbol at the start.


Final Thoughts

Truth be told, when I stopped selling XY

。I considered getting out of selling automatic trading systems altogether.


After all, the only reason I started selling my system in the first place

was in response to customer requests.


Many people supported XY,

and as a result of many updates over time, I ended its sales with it having produced excellent results.


Many users wrote to express their satisfaction.

I personally was overjoyed to hear their stories, and thanks to that, I continue to lead a fulfilling life.


Of course, it’s wonderful when people you’re involved with are successful.

It also becomes a weapon I can use to influence people via my blog.


Of course, selling products like these that are involved with money

also comes with its share of criticism and jealousy.


Because of that, some people take it upon themselves to find or make review sites

and criticize me there.


Obviously, bringing out a new product is just pouring oil on that fire.


Then the managers and investors around me pointed out a bunch of things.


“You already have such a fantastic product in XY! Why go through the effort of making something new?”

“You’ll make plenty of money without selling it. Why subject yourself to all the critics?”

“Isn’t the risk-reward for this really bad?”


All good points, and well made.

I’m not a fool. I’m an investor, and something of a manager.


“Considering my current situation, I have no reason to sell HighLow L.”


The key word there is “my.” Considering MY situation.

If I stop to consider other people,

then I realize there are many out there wanting to do automatic trading who need new functionality.


Let’s put aside lofty goals like reshaping the industry.

If it results in even one person coming to talk to me about how much fun they’re having investing,

or how they enjoyed my live blogs, or my videos,


hen I get a benefit from that.

It makes me happy, and then I’m glad that I went ahead and put out the information.


Why bother with all this if you’re making enough money regardless?!


Lots of people ask me that. As I said before,

Even if I’m making thousands, hundreds of thousands, or millions,

that alone doesn’t make me happy inside. I enjoy the business itself.


My interests in both investing and business

have led to me writing articles for you,

developing a system,

doing live, instant trades for free,

and so on. All of it brings joy to me, and to others.

I mean, I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t enjoy it, you know?


Like I said before, not doing it would be the “best” decision.

But, because I AM doing it, I want to tell my audience everything.


All my trade histories are public, and I provide all the info I can.

All my trade histories are public, and I provide all the info I can.


Most importantly,

there’s no need to put absolute faith in me personally.


I don’t think I’m perfect.

Nothing is absolute.


But compared to the people out there who do nothing but complain

and those who’re just selling whatever random product they have,

I’m doing proper trading and making solid profits.


I think it’s fine if you don’t believe me until you’ve joined up and made money for yourself.


Many people have reported that after watching my videos and reviewing my trade history, 

they started winning, too.


I’ve accepted my reality.

If this makes you happy, I’ll be happy — and that’s fine by me.


In life, 


I think having the confidence


that you’ll never have to worry about money

is worth more than billions in riches.


That confidence is true wealth.

It’s priceless.


It’s a funny thing about people – once they have that confidence, they start enjoying everything they do.


They find new interests,

start taking challenges they never tried before,

and they stop worrying about criticism and what other people think of them.


Worries about social status,

what other people and the rest of the world think


don’t matter nearly as much

as focusing on and enjoying your own “evolution as a person.”


Most of my experiences have been along those lines.


It feels like the man known as “Yuu” is playing the classic “Game of Life.”


Naturally, I’ve got no shortage of options.

After all, in this game of life, I make all the decisions.


Why don’t you join in? Have fun playing your own game of life

where you’re the main player.


I want to choose my own path in life,

and raise myself to be my own man. I want to be the kind of person I want to be.


I hope that HighLow L helps you turn your life into something you enjoy.


And I hope that we can meet someday…


At the casino (LAUGHS).


Trader Yuu


*This support takes time because there staff are only Japanese people here.*

Support is only available in Japanese.


For standard purchases, please apply here.

*The standard version caps at a ¥5,000 BET

*Each additional level unlocked adds ¥5,000, up to a maximum of ¥90,000.



*An additional fee will be charged for transfers from overseas bank accounts.

*An email will be sent out automatically after submitting your information. Be sure to check your inbox.

It’s possible that the confirmation email may be flagged as spam.

If you don’t receive the email, please be sure to check your spam folder.



*For the unlocked limit versions, you’ll receive a confirmation email after applying. Please check your inbox.

*The maximum amount can be unlocked in ¥5,000 increments, up to a maximum of ¥90,000.

*If you’d like to buy multiple copies with higher limits, please use the button below.



*Click the button above to buy 2 or more copies at once




Notes based on by specific trade law